Mercedes-Benz Stealership

I've been wanting to call the MB dealership to get a quote or two for these jobs I'm describing on this site so that the newbies can fully appreciate the importance of "doing it yourself". I finally got around to it. I'm not just going to write about it, though. I caught it on tape, so you can listen to it. On the phone, I pretended I needed an oil change, a valve adjustment, and the muffler re-hung. On a nice sunny day, if you start at nine, you're done by noon. Materials cost: $3.00 for muffler hangers, $14.00 for Shell Rotella, $8.00 for the oil filter kit, and $10.00 for the valve cover gasket. Assuming you have your own wrenches, the quoted $300 job is really a $35 dollar job. How does it feel to make $88 dollars an hour?


Blogger reckless rogue said...

This makes all we do for our cars even more worthwhile. Those dealers will gouge you to death!!

2/15/2006 11:00:00 AM  
Blogger Gunnar Heinrich said...

Superbly done Max.

Though, keep in mind it's not just Mercedes-Benz dealerships that are charging $88 an hour. It's many Mom & Pop service stations as well.

How great it is to know how to service one's car by using one's own two hands.

2/15/2006 11:59:00 AM  

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