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As a hardcore 300SD enthusiast, I wanted a better domain for my hardcore blog. Well, I found it. I couldn't believe it was still available! Next time you want to read this blog, punch in 300sd.com. By the way, those of you wishing to contribute to this blog, leave a comment. The only requirement for any repair contribution is that you have pictures. I'm sick of newsgroups trying to explain something instead of just showing it. I would be neat to turn this site into a resource for 300sd owners despite the fact that the newsgroups are already jam-packed with useful info. Non-300SD enthusiasts (I was one a while ago) can enjoy this resource, too. Believe it or not, folks in southern states are still putting these cars on the market. Personally, as an owner of a 22-year-old 300SD daily driver, I am wondering when people will stop selling those cars to each other... I guess when there's no 300SD's left ... which is in like 30 years? :)


Blogger Gunnar Heinrich said...

Dear Sir~

You have an impressive blogsite. It has been my pleasure to know two different 300SDs of the W126 generation. One was grey on blue and the other was yellow on camel. I must say that your red one looks sharp and it is in the best condition of any 300SD I have seen on the roads these days.

Most 300SDs are worn and their owners use them as work horses these days. Back in the 80s there was no finer car in terms of luxury diesel sedans. Mostly, I have seen tired examples of the 300SD in Newport, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Alexandria, Virginia. They are rare and are seldom found these days especially compared to other W126 S-Classes.

Rarer still, I have found, are the 500SELs of the pre-1985 period. Splendid cars.

From time to time I write on the W126 S-Class - those cars rank among my all time favorites. Check my site out at www.automobilesdeluxe.blogspot.com

Again, nice site.

1/18/2006 09:34:00 AM  

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