Replacing antenna grommet

Today I decided to replace my antenna grommet. As you can see, it's old and torn up. I've heard that if you don't replace rubber parts such as this one, you'll start getting some curious rust in some weird places, like inside your trunk. To prevent something like that, I solemnly swore to replace all rubber parts on my Benz. Then I saw how torn the grommet was, and I solemnly swore. We are going to take out this entire antenna unit: This is a 20 minute job. As usual, the completion of the job is followed by an awesome feeling of satisfaction. If you peek inside, you'll see the unit and and few wires. Firstly, I took out the tail light by turning two wing nuts and unhooking two electrical pin-wires. Then I took out the plastic carpet pin. Stick your flathead screwdriver under the cap and crank on it. The pin casing with ridges will come out as well. Then I took out two metal clamps found stuck under rubber trunk lining gasket: Now you can take out the carpeting. I've got some cleaning to do, as you can see. I took an old dishwashing brush to it, and the dirt came out. Stick your head inside the trunk and look up where the antenna meets the rear fender. You'll see the grommet we'll have to take out. Take out the tightening screw on the antenna shaft and spin the antenna shaft towards you for easier access. Unscrew the bolt on the copper wire. Then undo the cable: There's also a screw at the very bottom. You cannot miss it because the entire antenna unit is hanging on it. When you're done with unscrewing, take out the whole unit: You will have to take the new grommet ... ... and stick it in the hole. The ridge on the grommet serves its purpose - don't just stick the grommet in the hole and call it good. You'll have to apply a hell of a lot of pressure with your fingers to spin the grommet into the hole. I did just that, I rotated the grommet until the grommet "hugged" the fender like so: DO NOT USE A SCREWDRIVER! I DID THIS WITH MY FINGERS BY PUSHING AND ROTATING! YOU WILL SCRATCH YOUR CAR IF YOU USE A SCREWDRIVER! Then, stick the antenna unit into the grommet from underneath. The black plastic ball on the antenna will quietly resist "just because", but you have to firmly insist. Yes, just like when you went out on a real date the first time when you were 16. Put everything back together. You cannot possible screw anything up. In conclusion, I've found yet another confirmation of the bad-assness of these old diesels and old Mercedes craftsmanship. On the reverse of the carpet, they've etched the serial number of the part. It might seem like nothing to you, but to me it means genuine care about the consumer. It means they had to assemble some dyes, then run every piece of carpet under those dyes because the serial number has to be on every single part that comes out of that plant in Stuttgart. Awesome!