Sick and Tired of Blogger

Because this site is starting to pick up traffic and because Blogger sucks, I'm going to rename and move this little project of mine.
  • Blogger sucks because it's slow, allows for little control, has an ad bar at the top, and stopped sending me email notifications.
  • I'm dropping one of my failed projects and moving this blog to a freed-up hosting spot.
  • I'm repositioning this project from a one-dude-blog to a 300SD Community resource.
The new resource will have user/contributor accounts. For instance, some of the readers will have the ability to contribute news, repair jobs, thoughts, reviews, video, sound, etc. The new resource will be structured as a blog, but will allow for creation of timeline-independent pages, such as contributor profiles, essential maintenance jobs, etc. The new resource will not be written first, published second. Its structure will be modified incrementally while it is functioning. The new resource will be published at 300sd.com. This move will help to prety much monopolize all search engine queries containing "300sd". Please comment to let me know what you think of this move. I believe there is no reason for a 300SD owner to not know about 300sd.com. Those of you wishing to convert your own blogs to a more professional framework, let me know as well. So far, after setting everything up, I'm out $4 a month, which is a small price to pay for a kick-ass hobby.

Mercedes-Benz Stealership

I've been wanting to call the MB dealership to get a quote or two for these jobs I'm describing on this site so that the newbies can fully appreciate the importance of "doing it yourself". I finally got around to it. I'm not just going to write about it, though. I caught it on tape, so you can listen to it. On the phone, I pretended I needed an oil change, a valve adjustment, and the muffler re-hung. On a nice sunny day, if you start at nine, you're done by noon. Materials cost: $3.00 for muffler hangers, $14.00 for Shell Rotella, $8.00 for the oil filter kit, and $10.00 for the valve cover gasket. Assuming you have your own wrenches, the quoted $300 job is really a $35 dollar job. How does it feel to make $88 dollars an hour?

New Performance Products Catalog

Oh yeah! I don't know where you get your Mercedes-Benz parts, but I get them from Performance Products. Those guys seem to know their Benzes, plus they have a really cool catalog. A new one came in the mail today, which makes for a neat Valentine's Day present and some good bathroom reading. They should really start printing some MB trivia or history, etc. Their website is a bit dorky looking, but functional. Their catalog, however, is a different story. It's 200+ pages of MB parts and accessories, all properly labeled and described. I've always been able to find parts, and they had them in stock. They ship out of California, which is a drag for me in Michigan, but I can live with that. I also like the attempt to personalize. I wish they only sent the chassis info actually needed. I got a W126. Do I really need to know what kind of a dash cover I can throw on a W201? Somebody wanted a block heater. Winter's almost over, but here it is. I'm sure you can call them and harrass a deal out of them. Be like, "hey, it's July, I need a good deal on a block heater ... I'm poor ... ". I did order quite a few things from them, and was always happy with the service. One time I needed a 13mm oil drain plug. I called and placed an order, but the guy said "the plug's like 80 cents, we've got a minimum order policy". I sighed and ordered ... what else? Inline fuel filters, a can of Moly, and a valve cover gasket. All for around twenty bucks.

I saw this 1979 300D and wept ...

A coworker told me he saw a Mercedes "just like mine" near the place of our work. "It looks nice", I was told, "you could maybe even fix it up and flip it". It was a little out of the way, but I couldn't resist checking out this "identical twin". There are very few old German diesels in the area, so every newcomer is immediately noticed and discussed. It turned out to be a car lot slash salvage yard. As I was driving through the rows of beaten up, decaled, rusted, neglected, and dented Chevys and Fords, I was growing impatient and excited. Finally, I cought a glimpse of a distinct silver tail end. To my great dismay, the car was severely neglected and damaged. See for yourself. The radio is torn out. Buttons don't work. The chrome trim is missing on the front doors. The driver's door barely opens. The handle doesn't work. The grille comes apart. It could be pulled away from the hood. The clear plastic is missing. The dealer does not know whether those are real miles. The underdash is a complete mess. Headlamps work, but the ribbed assembly and clear plastic are both torn to hell. The car was driven by an unappreciative pig. What an asshole. Practically everything in the rear is torn out. The paint is oxidized and dull. No rust. The fuel door and the vicinity are damaged by diesel fuel. The rear door does not close properly. I couldn't believe how much neglect and abuse this car took. I can't imagine an owner who would do something like this to a beautiful, dependable, and classy vehicle. I inquired about the car's mechanical condition even though my own rule states that the mechanical condition of an old Benz diesel can be estimated by its looks. The dealer swore all this car needed was some work "on the injection, maybe pump". I suddenly became very sad. I got into my car and drove away without saying a word.

My 300SD's Original Window Sticker

You know the car's been paid attention to if you have all maintenance records for 22 years as well as the original window sticker. A few more years, and it will be worth something by itself ... I'd give a lot to test-drive this car fresh off the lot in 1984. It's still smooth now, but it's not perfect like it was back then. Where's Doc Emmet Brown when you need him ... How much does a Mercedes-Benz cost now? I bought my 300SD Benz for around $4,500. Because I got it in the North, it's more expensive. Clean Southern Benz's can be picked up for around $3,000 - $4,000 easily. A little patience, a little luck, and you can get one, too!